Whole Living Breath DVD
This instructional DVD leads you through a series of
breathing techniques that train you to incorporate a
controlled, directed breath process.
You literally take these directives and assimilate them
into your life for increased vitality, stamina, brain
hemispheric balance, improved circulation of blood and
oxygen throughout the body, relief of head, neck,
shoulder and back pain, relief from sinus challenges,
and eventual improvement in eyesight and hearing as
well as weight management.

  • $25.00 each         Qty.
The Gems: Their history, Purpose and Character
Enjoy a 6-cd set of the gem's story given by them!  Each
indicates its original location, purpose, color, who it likes
to combine with and as completion your 6th CD is an
excel program format for gems, minerals, and stones.  

  • $40.00 for the set   Qty.
Shifting Into The 13th Chakra
This CD is a meditation exercise shifting through the
known 7 major chakras and moving into the 8th - 13th as
well.  Do this as you prepare for sleep or have sufficient
time to truly relax for a period afterward.  Your guides will
be your partner throughout and give information on each
as you go.  Enjoy !

  • $12.00 each         Qty.
Release of Patterns Held in the Emotional Body
This 3-CD set will address programming held in the
body cells, release trauma, and emotional crisis which
one has not been able to process completely, thus
storing it.  The three CD's can be used consecutively or
one per evening.  A definite for one to use when time
allows as it may bring up emotional issues which need
to be attended to.   

  • $28.00 each         Qty.
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